• Portable Pocket

    A clip-on type that won't damage your favorite clothes.

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  • トップス

    The soft texture where you can wear not only for schools but for any occasion is attractive.

  • Smock

    Lots of cute and cool designs that will make kids want to show off to their friends.

  • Pouch

    Perfect for energetic kids!
    A durable pouch that is hard to get ripped.

  • Lunch Kits

    Collect your stylish lunch kits in your favorite design.

  • Picnic Sheet

    The original matte texture gives a rich feeling.

    CCSTYLE Staff Blog. (Written in Japanese)

Hot Item CCSTYLE Recommends! Must-have items for stylish moms and kids.

  • Hot Item1

    Tote Bag

    Perfect for schools and lessons.

  • Hot Item2

    Rain Gear

    Find you favorite design that will make your rainy days colorful.

  • Hot Item4


    Has ear holes to hear the sounds during evacuation.

And more

  • Backpack(Shoulder)


    Because it can be carried over your shoulder without using your hands, perfect for energetic kids. Even though it is a compact size, it has splendid capacity.

  • Messenger Bag (Purse)

    Messenger/Shoulder Bag (Purse)

    The round form and the ribbon charm at the front are very cute. Perfect for girls who like fashion.

  • Shoulder Bag

    Messenger Bag (External Pocket)

    The shoulder belt is adjustable to fit the growth of children. Lots of ideas like water repellent coated fabric, shoulder pad and name tags to make this bag useful.

  • Placemat / Cloth Napkin

    Placemat / Cloth Napkin

    We prepared a 2 pieces set because it is an item that is to be used everyday. Comes in a full collection of designs.

  • Shoe Bag

    Shoe Bag

    Can smoothly take out and store shoes with the largish size. The handle is made so that it is easy to hold for children. Comes in 2 types, quilted and reversible.

  • Wallet / Coin Purse

    Wallet / Coin Purse

    Even though it looks compact, has enough storage and is very useful. Perfect for kids to hold as their first wallet.

Pickup Item 今チェックしておきたい!個性が光る最旬アイテムを大特集

Outdoor Goods to Make Field Trips More Fun

When surrounded by your favorite design, field trips will be more fun!

  • Backpack
  • Picnic Sheet Canteen Cover & PET Bottle Holder

Stylish Apparel Collection to Make You Stand Out

Collections to make your everyday coordinate more fun and even outshine adults!

  • Kid's Tops
  • For Energetic Kids For Energetic Kids
  • Exciting Kid's Pants for Stylish Mode (Made in Japan)

Not Only Cute! My Everyday Handy Bag

We have a collection of many types of bags for kids who want to hold their belongings by themselves.

  • Tote Bag  Happy Peaceful Nap Mat Bag
  • Vertical Tote Bag
  • Wide Bottom Tote Bag Handmade Kid's Tote Bag

School Items for Stylish Kids

Your school days will definitely be more fun! Lots of stylish hand towels and stationeries.

  • Kid's Briefcase Laminated Pen Case
  • Hand Towel & Hanging Towel
  • Glossed Vinyl Coating Easy to Bring Recorder and Ruler Case

Exciting Goods for Going Out in Your Best Mood

You will be happy anywhere with your favorite design item!

  • My First Wallet Kid's Coin Purse
  • Kid's Shoulder Bag
  • My Very Own Pochette for Stylish Kids My Very Own Cross Body Bag for Stylish Kids

Can't Wait for Lunch♪ Lunch Kits

Have fun eating with your favorite design lunch kits. We have a full collection!

  • Standard Reversible Happy Lunch Time Pouch (Middle Size)
  • Light and Happy Cutlery Case Vanity Standard
  • for Stylish Kids Placemats for Energetic Kids (Large Type)

Have More Fun!

Collect your stylish lunch kits in your favorite design.

  • Friendly Friend Lunch Goods

Be Safely Prepared! Disaster Goods

Be secured by preparing for any emergencies! Stylish matching Bousai Zukin and Bousai Zukin Cover.

  • Be Safely Prepared
  • Easy to Store 2 Way Bousai Zukin
  • Easy to Store 2 Way Bousai Zukin

Information CCSTYLEだけのスペシャルな情報・アイテムが満載!

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